See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

Our eyes see a lot of things and we form our perceptions on them. It is important to underscore that a lot of judgment and opinions can be positive . It needs a good mind to translate the events or happenings to an objective point of view. What we see cannot be changed but this can be overshadowed by purposeful modifications and thereby give another impression on a positive angle.

When we turn blind to things or events that do not impress us we leave it on a static position. When we want things to change we stand up to courageously defy it. There are a lot of evil things going on. Do not allow to be tempted to encourage wrong doings, turn away or see no evil. Cheating or anomalous deals are evil in a game of chance.

Close your sense of hearing. Sanitize your surroundings with pleasing sounds. What may be good to hear by other persons may be an irritant to you. Gambling has a lot of friends and a lot of enemies too. It's either you dismiss the negative mumblings or filter this and consider the consolations gambling can give.

Radio and television, the computers and the internet, and the cellphones give various messages to an open minded player. He needs to decipher the bombardment of sounds of promotions and gimmicks . What the person hears affects his judgment on a lot of things. His past experiences will determine what he now wants to hear and to believe. He can shut down his hearing and close all doors to evil. . Once we utter words we can not recall them except through an apology. It is only in the end that we regret that we have said something evil or something to the effect that we have hurt other peoples feelings. We can destroy the image of gambling as we want it to be for personal satisfaction or as a revenge to a regretful incident at the casino. It has become a word of wars.

Speak no evil until you have learned all the facts to be analyzed. Even if you win the argument it is best to speak and defend your rights against evil to be heard. We speak evil when we stop to staring on the facts on hand. Timid or shy persons cannot defend vocally for fear sets in. .

The world may turn chaotic at every evil things done to negate the good therapeutic aspects of gambling. Turn on to the channels of information and see, hear, and speak well of a recreational sport. It is a wonderful place ,this place called earth where good can overturn the evil ways of mankind. It is our world and hand in hand we cover our eyes, ears and mouth to shun destructive motivations in our daily lives.