Weekend Warrior Racing Tips

For those who crave the thrill of horse racing but have no time for the track, one can always opt to do weekend racing. Weekend racing was once seen as a place where inexperienced players got together and tossed their money away on a Saturday or a Sunday. That was the case before but it certainly is not the case nowadays with people having more work hours to commit to and other obligations. In the past most people had fixed 9 to 5 jobs but with todays global economy, there are now changes in the ordinary workers schedule.

For fans of the sport who sometimes may have a few hours to spare on the weekend, here are some tips that may help one spend the precious times when joining the sport more than thinking of the many variables that go into any bet. If one plays for fun, then bet away. For the player that would like to pad their wallets a but, read on.

Tip : Look for the same horse that has run in the last race at exactly the same track. This means that the horse already knows the way the track works and this also means that the jockey knows this as well. Horses that race on the same track mean that they are aiming for a win.

Tip : Avoid betting on horses that have shown a decrease in their rankings in the past three to four races. This means that the horse is obviously on its way down and cannot be seen as a good wager. If the horse was able to play a bit in two races, then the horse may be considered.

Tip : Look for horses that had posted small odds like 4 to 1 but have now have their odds posted at 10 to 1. This means that the horse has performed greatly in the past and is now seen as a favorite.

Tip : Avoid crowd bets. Betting alongside amateur players is one of the sure ways to lose money fast. Most amateur bettors usually have only a few criteria's to base their decisions upon and it doesn't fare well for one to advise going with their decision.

Tip : Look for horses that are either track or distance racers and match the current race track to them. Not all horses are bred the same and not all horses can be compared on an equal basis in the races, if the race track is short, one should go for the fast "sprinters". If the race track is long, go for the distance racers.

These tips are designed for players who don't really have much time to play and would rather look at the stat cards and make a choice.